Alpayu Yog

Alpayu Yog is a very critical astrological defect that can lead to fatality as it influences the lifespan and age of a person. Horoscope grants us an ability to evaluate the effect of planets life and determines whether we face happiness or problems in life.

Not only life, astrology, and horoscope can also give one an insight of the death as it determines an accurate lifespan of a person. The word “Alpayu” is Sanskrit and translates to short lifespan or low longevity.

People facing Alpayu Yog die young and thus cannot last the destined span due to the evil influences and malefic intervention of celestial bodies. When the Chandrama Pap Graha is enlarged or predominant in 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 11th houses, it leads to Alpayu Yog. Also, the presence of Chandrama Pap Graha Drishti on Lagnesh can lead to this Yog.


  • Alpayu Yog indicates that a person’s birth chart signifies a short lifespan. In most cases of Alpayu Yog, the Ascendant and 8th house and their lords are weak either due to occupation, aspect or other affliction. Benefices may also be weak while malefic may be strong in the various Kendras.       
  • Longevity must come within Alpayu due to the malefic nature of the star patterns and orientations occupied by Lagna lord, 8th lord and 3rd lord and the severe affliction to the Moon.

Astropatrika offers Alpayu Yog Shanti Puja to relieve the affected natives from the threats of death at a younger age and ensure a long lifespan with a complete protection from all sorts of troubles and problems in life.  

The “Rahu and Ketu Puja” is advised by the famous astrologers on Astropatrika to let one diminish the negative influence of this Yog. Performing the Kal Sarp Yog Puja pacifies the evil elements of this troubles and lead to better prospects of joy and delights.  

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