Pitra Dosh

Being an extremely malefic astrological trouble, Pitra Dosh occurs when Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Rahu are present in the same house of a birth chart. Such an astrological defect gives rise to personal issues, family problems, and social troubles.  

The Pitra Dosh is known to occur due to the evil deeds committed by ancestors and one has to repay for the same in the present life. The suggested remedies for Pitra Dosh have been stated as follows:

  • Wearing curative gems is the best remedy for Pitra Dosh. Gemstones help strengthen a person’s astrological signs.     
  • One must worship Lord Vishnu in the form of Lord Ram to gain complete peace of mind in life.      
  • Helping a poor girl to get married by providing financial support will please the gods and goddesses to let you achieve a relief from all sorts of negativity and disruption in life.
  • It is prescribed to donate food and offerings to the poor in order to gain a chance to eliminate all the evil influences of Pitra Dosh from the Kundli.   
  • By watering a Banyan tree one can reduce the ill effects of Pitra Dosh.        

In Pitra Dosh, a person is forced to repay the Karmic Debt of his or her ancestors and face challenging situations at all times. Astropatrika has explored the most ideal remedies and solutions to relieve one from Poitra Dosh and promote endless prosperity in everyone’s life.   

Our services make the doshic ill-effects vanish from the life of sufferers. With the malefic influences of Pitra Dosh can be successfully eliminated from life.

If Pitra Dosh occurs in the family or Parivaar and Kundlee, then one Pandit undertakes Gita Paath and the other leads to Tarpan for successful removal of doshic defects from all aspscts of life.

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