Surya Grahan Yog

The Surya Grahan Yog occurs when Sun comes along with Rahu or Ketu. It is a harmful horoscope defect that brings all forms of harm to life. Presence of Rahu with the Sun leads to the Grahan Yog and causes additional struggles in all stages of life.

Suffering, misery, loss of success, health troubles, career failure, and financial disruption is common with people who face the harmful influences of Surya Grahan Yog.

How to deal with Surya Grahan Yog?

  • In order to prevent the malefic influences of this Yog, one must avoid direct sun’s rays on the head by covering with some cloth or cap.
  • Donation of food and money to the poor and needy helps please the Sun God and thus serves a perfect remedy to alleviate the negative influences of this Yog imbalance.
  • Achieve peace of Rahu and Ketu by worshiping Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman.
  • Chanting of the Guru mantra helps to gain control over life and achieve desired prospects by preventing you harms and flaws.

Consult the astrologers and pundits from Astropatrika and let them organize the “Surya Grahan Yog Shanti Puja” to let you attain all the peace in your life while regaining the lost delights.     

Eclipse defects arise due to the presence of Rahu or Ketu with the Sun or Moon. During a Surya Grahan or solar eclipse, the sun receives darkness. In a similar way, darkness overtakes the horoscope to cause troubles in situations like finance, social, family, employment, relationships and profit in business.    

People affected with Surya Grahan Dosh face interruption in progress and sudden troubles that cause depression. The progress of the person is interrupted.  

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